Created by sisters Melda & Mira,

da-Mira is a home for all things stitching.

Growing up in a town North of Sumatra, Indonesia, we remember how challenging it was to start our first stitching project. Wether it was deciding which material to use or figuring out what to actually do with them — it was as daunting as it was confusing. So we created da-Mira to make the experience of starting your first (or tenth) stitching project as enjoyable as possible.

We're all about that stitch life.

Based in Jakarta & Tokyo, we started da-Mira when we were both fashion students at Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo. But stitching and us, we got history.

It all began as a weekend hobby at home. But next thing we knew, we're stitching in trains and secretly under our desks during classes. We now stitch pretty much anywhere and anytime we can — when we're happy or when we're stressed out, but especially when we're stressed out and in need of a break.

Get to know us! We're totally different, and exactly the same.

Together, we welcome you to our stitcherhood.

The word "stitch" refers to the action of moving a thread or yarn to create a single loop. It is used in crochet, embroidery, and everything in between. So it doesn't matter if you're into hooks or needles, there is a place for you.

One stitch at a time

Reacquaint yourself with the art of slowing down through crochet and embroidery. Find yourself being calmer with every stitch you make, and let the repetitive and rhythmic motion bring you closer to your own handmade joy. Even if it's just a few stitches a day, that sense of progress and accomplishment just hit different ✷✧